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Our Philosophy

The ingredients used in commercial dog food almost always come from places that overcrowd sick animals. More alarmingly, they contain parts of these animals that you would never willingly feed your best friend. These practices result in food that is nutritionally suboptimal and often contaminated, frequently resulting in recalls.

Hudson’s Chow takes a different approach: we let you build bespoke meals for your dog using biologically appropriate ingredients, such as local, grass-fed, organic cattle, which is humanely raised, and properly fed, mimicking what wild dogs eat.

You start with a protein base, then choose from a number of additions such as diced organic kale or apples. We prepare the meals in our NYC kitchen by hand, individually wrap them and deliver them to your door in exquisite packaging. Dog food delivery in NYC has never been simpler, or healthier.


Is Raw Safe?

It depends on how the meat is sourced. If it comes from animals fed a natural diet, such as grass-fed cows or wild-caught fish, then the risks associated with raw meat, such as inferior nutrition profiles and infectious diseases, are virtually eliminated and it is safe to feed raw.

If, however, the meat comes from overcrowded commercial animal feed operations (CAFO). or a congested fish farm, where animals live in filth and their own excrement, as nearly all meat that winds up in commercial dog food does, then it is unsafe. Meats from these sources not only contain an inferior nutrition profile, but also often harbor a number of infectious diseases. One study showed that 50% of commercial raw dog food diets contained E. coli.

At Hudson's Chow we virtually eliminate both of these risks. We only source our meat from farms that raise their livestock humanely, which means plenty of room and a biologically appropriate diet. The result is a raw meat that, in turn, is biologically appropriate for our best friends.

Why are you so concerned with how your sourced meat is fed?

Dramatic changes in husbandry over the past two centuries fundamentally changed the nutritional profiles of meat by altering the fatty acid, and macro- and micro-nutrient compositions. When coupled with contemporary feedlot and farming conditions, the result is meat that is not only nutritionally suboptimal, but also frequently ill. Moreover, this inferior meat is increasingly correlated with the rise of chronic diseases in our pets.

In contrast, when dogs eat the healthy meat of livestock fed properly, the result is a meat that dogs have evolved to eat, and one that has a very healthy and anti-inflammatory based fatty-acid profile. See this blog post for more.

Why should I switch to Hudson's Chow?

Hudson's Chow is based on science to drastically reduce a host of hormonal and metabolic disturbances that drive chronic ailments in our dogs, ranging from obesity to cancer. Watch our short video and check out the references to see the science behind the diet. We deliver Monday through Friday throughout Manhattan and other neighborhoods in New York City in the afternoon and evening. If you order before 5pm, you can choose next day delivery. Enter your zip code and see if we deliver to you. We will not bombard you with emails.

Is there a Delivery Fee?

There is a $3 fee for deliveries; however if you sign up for recurring deliveries, this fee is waived. You can, of course, make changes to previous orders without incurring this fee.

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